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  1. Focus on the present, the passage of time.

    How clear the heart is, the picture is beautiful.

    World gifts and our abundant resources
    Whether it's copper or jade
    Giving to the world with a thankful heart is light and warm Only time and nature
    Select quality material
    Present perfect life
    Not just focus, but also dedication
    Djihowe is more than just luxury

    copper, is one of the most useful and valuable natural resources in the world
    is the gift of nature to human great "han · law through volunteers"
    "pure copper by material, parts of dry wet years the festival, rain or exposure to change its shape." The characteristics of copper have long been known to humans.
    Ancient China was originally used in the use of natural copper, which was used in the early days of the shang dynasty to make bronze tin alloys.
    Hong lian bronze process is relatively complex, first choose the good ore in smelting, then put inside furnace, burning charcoal smelting, such as temperature, mature in refined copper liquid
    to refuse to LianZha, a quick beginning at the beginning of copper, copper is still fairly thick, then through extraction to get pure copper. Red copper plus tin, lead molten alloy, instant bronze.
    To one thousand, the persistence of copper, plastic, conductive and heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and excellent alloy and antibacterial characteristics make it with the other metal metal irreplaceable quality and yi yi is unripe brightness.
    Copper products are noble symbols and have the collection value, which is not comparable to the ordinary lamps.
    Ji hao's selection of copper materials for the Tibet yulong quality deposit.
    According to the proportion of international composition, molten copper casting is good in fluidity, plastic, and free of impurities and bubbles.

    Jingdezhen guanyao ceramics

    The utensils made of clay are called pottery, and porcelain is made from porcelain clay. Ceramics are pottery and stoneware
    And porcelain. All kinds of clay made of clay and clay are made from different types of clay, such as ingredients, molding, drying and roasting.
    The ceramics used by djihao are selected from the finest jingdezhen ceramics, which has a long history and belongs to the official kiln level of the southern period.
    The four characteristics of jingdezhen porcelain: white as jade, bright as mirror, thin as paper, sound like a stone.

    Brazilian natural jade in South America
    The world's best natural jade comes from Europe, South America, the Middle East (Pakistan, Iran, etc.), southern Asia, etc.
    JiHao USES is Brazil jade is not only in South America, and it is one of the world's treasure jade Shi Daguo
    it has advantage of gemstone For the diamond, bertrandite, andalusite, aquamarine, tourmaline, topaz, blue pillars, pyroxene, crystal, etc.

    Austrian crystal
    Imported crystal from Austria, the Austrian water crystal beads are good, in the light, there are seven color, cut evenly and sharp, the size is very uniform, the diamond Angle is clear;
    The Czech pearl luster is still, has the lustre, the cut is sharper, the size is uniform, the diamond Angle is more distinct;
    The domestic crystal pendant size is uneven, the luster is general, the texture is inferior to the above two kinds.

    K9 crystal
    The advanced artificial crystal is K9 crystal, mainly used in optical coating and other fields.
    transmittance, refractive effect, hardness and texture are much higher than resin.

    Taiwan craft glass
    Djihau lamp accessories are made of traditional hand-blown glass. Glass blowing is an ancient and expensive glass forming technique.
    about 2, 000 years ago, the craftsmen in Syria invented the glassblowing technique.
    to 1000 b.c., the ancient egyptians mastered the process of blowing glass to make glass products of all shapes and sizes. After
    , the Romans learned all kinds of methods and conquered the world and spread it throughout Western Europe.
    Jinhao glass features: the glass products used by djihao are from Taiwan, with high gloss, good transmittance, low air bubbles and no water lines.
    Note: crystal glass cannot be blown.

    Pure hand cloth
    Cloth art lamp shade or cloth cover, it is made by cloth art material material, cover on bulb of a transparent or translucent cover.
    It is usually used to adjust the brightness of the light, to meet the needs of production or operation, and to protect the eyes, as well as improve the overall aesthetic feeling and objectivity of the lamp.
    Jihao selection of quality cloth art, pure hand-built fine cloth art lamp shade.
    Jihao winding cloth art lamp cover: short for the drawing, it is made of thin wire wound lamp stand.
    for beautiful, the general lampshade will post a layer of PS film, the pull mask is pure manual winding, perfectly reflect the beauty of product products.

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