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Original design

Guangdong jinhao lighting technology co., LTD. Is an original lighting enterprise which integrates professional design, whole process production and marketing and all-round service.

JIHAO Lighting - the soul of the copper lamp is the soul of design and culture is culture,brand introduction: Ji-ho lighting brings together a team of professional and technical, top hardware technology, careful color spray process, advanced process equipment, environmental protection of raw materials, selected materials and perfect after-sales service system. Brand Positioning:Jihao Lighting has been adhering to the tradition of original lighting, and always maintain the atmosphere, luxury design, fine workmanship, excellent material selection, superior quality, each lamp is strictly enforced Ji Ho product quality standards, show the highest level of lighting culture , Environmental protection, quality, technology are higher than the domestic standard, and fully meet the taste needs of Chinese consumers.

The soul of the bronze lamp is the soul of design and design


JiHao lighting brings together professional and technical team, the top of the hardware technology, meticulous dyeing process, advanced process equipment, environmental protection of raw materials, selection of material and perfect after-sale service system.

Brand positioning:

JiHao lighting has been uphold the tradition of the original lamp act the role ofing, always keep the atmosphere, the design concept of luxury, fine workmanship, materials, fine quality, each a lamp product quality standard, strictly implement JiHao lighting show the highest state of culture, environmental protection, quality and technology are higher than domestic standards, and fully meet the demand of Chinese consumer tastes.

Globalization strategy:

Take advantage of the brand and product quality, JiHao by the favour of domestic high-end designer, has become the guangdong, Shanghai, hangzhou and other big adornment company choose brand all over the country, and the central party school in Beijing designated to choose brand.

branded advantages

Guangdong jinhao lighting technology co., LTD. Is a professional design, whole process production and marketing, all-round service as one of the original lighting.


Quality assurance - global original lighting professional manufacturer


Product structure and style are complete


Strong market competitiveness

Brand competitiveness

Strong brand competitiveness

Strong brand competitiveness
- Guangdong province to abide by contract and heavy credit enterprises; - Certificate of quality system certification; - Guangdong province adopts international certification certificate; - Product quality exemption certificate; - Adopt international standard product logo certificate; - Certificate of national exemption certificate; - National compulsory product certification test report;
- Appearance patent certificate (patent number); - ZL201630319643.2 - ZL201630508573.5 - ZL201630508558.0 - ZL201630507902.4 - ZL201630319987.3 - ZL201730448969.X - ZL201730448968.5
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